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How to install a CPO

This page is a quick guide to the installation of a Control Panel Overlay (CPO).  This particular CPO was installed on a metal control panel (CP) as part of a game conversion.  I started with a generic cabinet running the JAMMA game Sky Shark.  The cabinet will remain JAMMA but with a Multi-Game board.  All […]

Artwork Design Services

We are a visual department of the GameOnGrafix. Over the last  15 years we have been working together on creating some of the best custom artwork in the arcade world. If you have an idea about how your dream cabinet should look, but don’t have the skill to design the artwork yourself we can help […]

Why You Should get Pristine Graphics for Your Arcade Cabinet?

Getting an arcade cabinet for yourself, or as a gift for a friend, may seem like one of the biggest achievements in your life. This is especially true because these cabinets are in no way cheap. But now that you have one, why should you make sure that all the graphics are pristine and looking […]

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