Red Yourname lightning

$26.99 - $80.00

Looks great backlit!

Our custom marquees come in two different versions, Ultimate and Ultimate with Adhesive, and plexiglas options

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$26.99 - $80.00

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Ultimate Printed on Translite material and laminated Ultimate with Adhesive Printed on Translite material, with adhesive on the back Ultimate Mounted on Plexi Mounted to the front of plexiglass, and laminated for protection Ultimate with 2 sheets of plexiglas Two sheets of plexiglass, and a Ultimate Marquee to place between them. Plexiglass is 1/16" of an inch
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Red Yourname lightning

Looks great backlit!

Printed on the same type of backlight material that you would find on today’s arcades and then laminated.  Provides a great finish and durability.

Our marquees come in four different versions; with or without plexiglas.

  • ULTIMATE without Adhesive
  • ULTIMATE with Adhesive on the back and laminated.
  • ULTIMATE with Adhesive Mounted to Plexiglass
  • ULTIMATE without Adhesive – sandwiched between two Sheets of Plexiglass

9 reviews for Red Yourname lightning

4.7 Rating
1-5 of 9 reviews
  1. Was expecting the print to be fixed inside the two plexiglass, not that it would come separated with no way to adhere it. Looks OK but would’ve liked the description to be more accurate. $80 for a piece I have to work on myself to actually get it usable is a bit steep. Probably will just make my own next time because at least I know it will be what I want.

    • Hi Hayley, I am glad it looks great. We don’t adhere it because there is no need, there is no place for it to go once placed between plexi and in the marquee brackets, plus it can be easily swapped out down the road. We have been doing it this way for 20yrs with 1000s of happy customers Also you paid $35 for the marquee including 2 sheets of plexiglass, not sure where the $80 came from? The old adage, you can’t make everyone happy, there is always one.

  2. Very fast delivery and professional company. Marquee turned out FANTASTIC!! Brought a lot of pop to my machine!!

  3. Outstanding customer service, and my marquee looks fantastic. Thank You!!!

  4. I absolutely love how this turned out! I made a 2nd arcade cabinet for their birthday & I wish I knew about this company when I made my first one, since I like how this turned out I’m re-making mine to look 100% more professional.

  5. This is my second build and this time I went with the graphics printed and secured to the single layer of plexi. This was a great option and the red just pops!

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